Bloomberg: iOS 8 Will Have Shazam's Song Identification Baked In

Illustration for article titled Bloomberg: iOS 8 Will Have Shazams Song Identification Baked In

Can't name that tune? No worry: Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is partnering with Shazam to embed song identification software right into its forthcoming iOS 8.

The news agency reports that two of its sources believe Apple is "planning to unveil a song-discovery feature in an update of its iOS mobile software that will let users identify a song and its artist using an iPhone or iPad." Obviously Shazam has been doing that forever, but it seems that Apple is teaming up with the guys behind the app so that it's "integrated into the mobile software in the same way that Twitter's service is currently incorporated, meaning consumers don't need to separately download it."

The report explains that it'll integrate with Siri, too—so you'll be able to ask "what song is playing" to find out what you're listening to. Bloomberg believes that Apple will show off the addition to iOS at its annual developer conference that starts June 2 in San Francisco.


Elsewhere, the same sources suggest that Apple is planning to roll out iTunes Radio outside the U.S. later this year, and that Apple is mulling whether to release a subscription-music service, too. Indeed, it claims "Apple has built the service internally, yet has held off on releasing it to avoid slowing download sales."

Of course, these rumors might not bear fruit: they might have long been mulled and discarded, or simply struggle to ever make it to the wild. But if there is a grain of truth in them, it looks like iOS 8 could have music as a focus. Let's wait see. [Bloomberg]

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