Bryan Cranston explains the new Cohaagen in the Total Recall reboot! Plus tons of hints for The Walking Dead, Chuck, and Supernatural!

Illustration for article titled Bryan Cranston explains the new Cohaagen in the Total Recall reboot! Plus tons of hints for The Walking Dead, Chuck, and Supernatural!

Two more actors join Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. Hugh Jackman talks Real Steel, while Rose McGowan discusses the new Conan. Eureka's animated Christmas special adds a BSG admiral. Plus promo photos from the new Judge Dredd movie!


Spoilers from this point forward!

Top image from Doctor Who.

Pacific Rim

Two more cast members have joined Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, and Charlie Day in Guillermo del Toro's monster-fighting movie. Max Martini of Saving Private Ryan and The Unit has reportedly been cast as one of the resistance fighers, while Babel actress Rinko Kikuchi has joined the film in an unspecified role, most likely as pilot Mako Mori. [Variety and Empire Online]

Total Recall Reboot

Bryan Cranston explains his new take on Cohaagen:

"I am a world leader and a general and a very, very dear friend of [Quaid]. I wanted to instill a sense of compassion and earnestness to Cohaagen. Some believability as to why people would follow his word. He truly believes people should follow him… You can't judge your character, you have to find the reasons that he or she is doing what they're doing, and support those reasons. Instead of playing the mustache-twisting bad guy, you have to have justification for what you're doing. So even though I send a lot of people to their death, they deserve it! I really believe that the world is better off without them."


Real Steel

Here's an Attack of the Show interview with Hugh Jackman.

Here are some images of the robots (and Hugh Jackman) from Comic-Con. []


Judge Dredd

Here are some photos taken from Empire Magazine, showing off the helmeted Karl Urban and costars Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey. [/Film]



Here's an interview with costar Rose McGowan on Attack of the Show.

Doctor Who

Illustration for article titled Bryan Cranston explains the new Cohaagen in the Total Recall reboot! Plus tons of hints for The Walking Dead, Chuck, and Supernatural!

Here's a promo photo for the second half of series six.

According to a BBC guide, the Tom MacRae-written episode ten is called "The Girl Who Waited", suggesting a heavy emphasis on Amy Pond. [BBC]


Various tidbits from Matt Smith: the Silence is like a religious sect, "Let's Kill Hitler" will feature "a great monster coming back in", that tenth episode is "really trippy and weird" and Karen Gillan gives her finest performance of the series (again indicating an Amy emphasis), and there are lots of big twists in episode thirteen. [Doctor Who Spoilers]

The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman previews season two:

In Season 2 there's a lot going on. We got a big change of scenery. Season 1 was very metropolitan, it's all about empty Atlanta. It's all about desolate streets. The city in shambles. We've moved out into a more rural area in Georgia. It's a much more desperate situation for our characters; they're not safe in camp, they can't duck into a building or car when they get attacked. They're out on the road, they have no supplies, they have no food, no shelter. There's danger lurking around every tree.


He also promises some more divergences from the comics:

It's definitely "most." Most of the season is going to follow the books pretty closely. There's going to be events that eagle-eyed comic book fans are going to watch in the trailer that was released (below) and go, "Oh I know what's going to happen there. I know what's going to happen after that." There's always going to be twists and turns that are going to surprise even the comic fans and I think that's very important. One of the best aspects of the comic book series is that you never know what you're going to expect when you sit down to read an issue. You don't know who's going to live and who is going to die and I want to maintain that level of surprise for the television show.



Producer Gale Anne Hurd adds:

We have such terrific character-driven stories. Since we set up the world, now we're able to delve into the dynamic of the characters among those survivors to a degree that we weren't last season given the short order of episodes. And that's what I'm most excited about — to really deliver on that promise from last year. We want to take some literary license with the comic book, such as being able to develop a love triangle between Rick and Shane and Lori. So that's something that clearly, although it deviates from the comic book in the sense that Shane's around a lot longer, it also gives us an opportunity for us to really explore what it means to each one of the characters."



The show will be filming in Sharpsburg, Georgia on August 1, and they're converting a building to serve as a drugstore. More details at the link. [The Times-Herald]



Executive producer Chris Fedak previews the final season:

We were very excited to be able to do one more season of the show. It's really amazing to be able to plan a great finish for your story and it doesn't always happen in TV. We look at it as an amazing opportunity to close the Chuck story in one epic final chapter. We have a big story pitched and we have a final moment for the series that we'll have been working up to for five seasons.

Some fans worried about too much of a focus on Morgan next season. How are your going to balance Morgan's new super-powered story and still keep it a show about Chuck?
It's still very much the Chuck show. He's the star and Zachary Levi is fantastic. Watching Chuck without the Intersect is just as fantastic as watching him with it. We thought that would be a fun way to start to season - watching him get used to not having it, and starting the spy team and working outside the government while best friend now has a super computer in his head. We have a lot of exciting twists and turns planned.




Sera Gamble discusses some plot points for season seven:

Sam heroically got it together to help his brother in the finale. He spent a lot of credit just to be vertical in that final scene (when he tried to rescue Dean from Castiel). He'll pay a really big price for that in the beginning of season 7.

What [is] Castiel's story line?
I can't give away too much about it, but I can say that we plan to pick up very, very soon after where we left off and explain exactly what the transformation was for Cas, what he plans to do with the angels in Heaven and to Sam, Dean and Bobby, and to Crowley. The whole nine yards... What we're saying is that Cas is not evil. He's transformed. That might not be good, but that's not mustache-twirling evil either.

Will goings-on in Heaven be a plot line this season?
We did the Apocalypse [in season 5], then we did the post-Apocalyptic civil war [in season 6]. Those were huge celestial stories. We're interested in what happens on Earth in Season 7.


There's a lot more at the link, including more confirmation that Mark Sheppard will be back as Crowley. [The Winchester Family Business]

Bobby actor Jim Beaver reveals he wants to write an episode, but admits it may not happen "until season 46." [Digital Spy]


Falling Skies

Here's a promo for episode eight, "What Hides Beneath."


Syfy has released the details for its second Christmas episode, which is partially animated and features guest voices from Edward James Olmos, last year's guest star Chris Parnell (who may or may not be Santa on the show), former costar Matt Frewer, and The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons. Here's the official description:

In the episode "Do You See What I See," it's Christmas again in Eureka, and Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) are secretly planning the perfect holiday surprise for their kids. But something mysterious interferes with the super-photon generator designed to create a faux winter wonderland on Main Street, sending a kaleidoscopic wave of color crashing over Eureka, and leaving the entire town and its inhabitants animated. Adapting to the rules of their animated world, our cartoon heroes encounter talking creatures, anthropomorphized machines, and snowy foes as they race to find a solution before Christmas morning…or face potentially being a cartoon forever.

Jim Parsons is set to voice Carter's long put-on Jeep, who's had enough of his owner's cavalier attitude towards him. Edward James Olmos will voice Rudy, the leader of a pack of sled dogs who befriends Deputy Andy. Chris Parnell also guest stars as Dr. Noah Drummer, reprising his role from last year's Christmas special. Matt Frewer will be featured as an animated, altered version of himself, who helps Jo (Erica Cerra) make an important realization about her tough-girl personality.



Warehouse 13

Here are some promo photos for the 1860s-themed episode four, "Queen for a Day." [SpoilerTV]



Here's a promo for season four.

Teen Wolf

Here's an interview with stars Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, and Dylan O'Brien.

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Looks like Rose McGowan has gone the way of Meg Ryan and asked someone to plasticize her face. I swear, what are these actresses thinking? Do they really believe the tight mouth and funky looking lips make them look BETTER? I'm sorry — I hate to be mean about this, but she looks awful.