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Gross Yourself Out Completely With This Very Potent Horror Short

In just under eight minutes, Bug Bites goes from icky to gruesome to hilariously weird.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A young woman looking horrified
Screenshot: YouTube

Bug Bites starts off innocuous enough, if a little disturbing: a young woman with an alarming amount of bug bites decides to call an exterminator to make sure she doesn’t have a dreaded bed bug infestation. From there, the short dives into some extreme body horror... then injects an unexpected tidal wave of surreal humor.

Check it out, but maybe not while you’re eating!

Horror Short Film “Bug Bites” | ALTER | Online Premiere

The tone shifts alone are notable, but the seemingly endless sequence where everybody just whips their heads around staring at each other really makes you realize Bed Bug is a horror film with two things on its mind: grossing you the hell out, and making you echo its protagonist’s genuinely baffled shriek of “WTF?” Those car-insurance robocalls will never sound the same way again.


Directed by Daniel DelPurgatorio, who is also co-credited with special make-up effects and visual effects, and shared online by Alter, Bug Bites is as perfectly weird as it needs to be, and will 100% make your skin crawl in the process.

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