Clue Drops Bodies in a New Animated Series

The board game franchise gets a new addition from comedian Dewayne Perkins.

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Vintage Clue board game art.
Image: Hasbro

Remember when we wrote about how Ryan Reynolds was working on a new Clue film? This film is not that. Dewayne Perkins, an Emmy-nominated writer and actor, has been brought on to write and executive produce a new Clue animated series. Tim Story and Lynn Barrie will also executive produce, according to Deadline.

There’s not a lot out there about this, but we do know it will be distinct from the live-action adaptation somehow, and will not be related to Clueless in any way, which is a bummer for me, personally. Clue (the animated series, not the old film starring Tim Curry, new film starring Ryan Reynolds, stage adaption, documentary, reality show, video game, or board game) will be animated by Bento Box Entertainment, Fox’s animation studio.

How many more movies will Hasbro be responsible for over the next few years? There’s that Dungeons & Dragons movie, the Beyblade film, a Furby movie in development at Paramount... not to mention all those Transformers blockbusters, G.I. Joe, Monopoly, and (god help us all) a Play-Doh movie. Maybe some toys should stay in the box.


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