Confirmed: The FBI is Spying on the US with Drones

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Get skeeved out by the NSA taking a peek at all your data? Well it gets even better: the FBI has confirmed it's spying on the United States with drones.


FBI Director Robert Mueller told the Senate Judiciary Committee the following, in regards to the Bureau's drone use:

Our footprint is very small. We have very few.

He went on to confirm that the FBI's drones are definitely used for the surveillance of US soil, though "in a very, very minimal way, and seldom." If that makes you feel better.

The FAA recently released a list of organizations authorized to fly drones over US soil, and the FBI is included. Likewise, border patrol drones are a thing. And in general, this shouldn't come as a huge surprise that the FBI might want to look at some stuff in our borders with an unmanned eye in the sky. But it's not just suspicion anymore; the FBI is talking about it. Look up and say cheese. [Wired]

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Moose Knuckle

I am completely against the warrentless wiretappings, mass gathering of our data, etc. but what is the issue with using drones as surveillance? All it would function as is a flying camera, would it make any difference if someone was sitting in a plane doing the same thing?

If they are executing strikes on people with drones that is a completely different story but I don't see people getting up in arms about a fighter jet flying around with a camera on it, not sure why it changes if the plane is unmanned.