Don't Worry, Deep-Fried Beer is On Its Way

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Like little pieces of ravioli, Mark Zable's deep-fried beer "tastes like you took a bite of hot pretzel dough and then took a drink of beer." Tantalizingly, he's claiming that "nobody has been able to fry a liquid before."

While the actual recipe hasn't been revealed by Zable, we do know it involves cooking the doughy-beer in oil heated at 375-degrees for only 20 seconds, and will be shown off properly at a fried food competition later this month in, yep, Texas. He'll be selling five pieces for $5 to over-21 year olds, and in the meantime is waiting for his "fried beer patent" to be approved.

Go on, tell me how many pieces it would take for you to get plastered enough to work up an appetite for a Double Down on the way home from the fair. [Dallas News via The Telegraph]


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What little alcohol is in that beer most likely cooks off during the frying process. You'll probably have a heart attack from all the grease before you get any kind of buzz from this.