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Equal Measure Measuring Cup, Dinner Meets Cocktail Trivia

Illustration for article titled Equal Measure Measuring Cup, Dinner Meets Cocktail Trivia

The next time you are baking a cake, be sure to note that your 380 ml of oil are enough to power a biodiesel car for 3 miles and that your 2 1/2 cups of flour has as many grains as there are people on the planet (6.8 billion). Because when using the Equal Measure Measuring Cup, you get a side of awkward metrics with our...err...metrics (and cups/oz). For $12.45, it's a good purchase for the foodie in your life who will get a laugh before quietly burying it in the confines of their lowest drawer (since they already own the BEST measuring cup, trust us). [Harry White Design and Amazon via Gadget Lab]


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lol yeah, 6.8 million.

Came to comment see other people share my opinion that there MAY be a few more than 6.8 million.