Find Out Which Aliens Turn Up In J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Movie

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That was a short week. We're going back to the old format for morning spoilers, by popular demand. In a few days, we may try some new expanding-text code, but for now we'll stick with the tried-and-true method for bringing you spoilers like the Star Trek cast list, which may give some hints about aliens we'll be seeing. And a new batch of pics from the filming of Transformers 2. Other nefarious spoilers today include who's coming back in Lost season five, who's around a lot in Smallville season eight, what's next on Doctor Who, and what to brace yourself for on Stargate: Atlantis and new show The Middleman. Plus, a shocking picture of Spider-Man's latest cartoon enemy. Spoilers, old-school style, await.

Star Trek:

The IMDB page for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie is full of spoilers. (Assuming it's accurate. How trustworthy is IMDB?) First of all, Winona Ryder plays Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson — a human, just like on the TV series. (There were reports a while back that she was playing a Vulcan, which made no sense.) Greg Ellis plays "Chief Engineer Olson," who may be Scotty's predecessor as chief engineer of the Enterprise. Ben Cross plays Spock's dad Sarek, and there's also an "Uncle Frank," who could be Kirk's uncle. There's a "Flirty Cadette," who probably flirts with Kirk.


And then there are the aliens. Rachel Nichols plays "Orion," which I'm guessing is a species, not a name, and Diora Baird plays "The Green Girl." Green dancing women, anyone? Lucia Rijker plays "Romulan CO." There are "Vulcan Bully" #1, #2 and #3, which makes me think we'll see the scene where Spock gets teased by his fellow Vul-kids for being half human. (Which was in the animated series already.) There's also a Vulcan Elder. And then there's Klingon Guard #1.

Most shocking alien race mentioned in the cast credits: Kelvin Alien #1. Are we really going to see the return of those uptight peeps from Andromeda, with the belt buckles that turn you into bath salts? Really? Update: As various people have pointed out, this is actually an alien from the U.S.S. Kelvin, not one of those aliens, known as the Kelvans. (Which means I've been spelling it wrong forever, and so have lots of other people.) [IMDB]


Meanwhile, Uhura actor Zoe Saldana gave another interview, with one new piece of information: She does say "Hailing frequencies open" in the new movie. [Coming Soon]

Transformers 2:

Cinemablend got more new pics of the filming of Transformers 2, involving some attack helicopters flying over a steel plant in Bethlehem, PA.



Meanwhile, actor Matthew Marsden will play a British special forces commando named Graham, who teams up with Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson to fight the Decepticons all over the world, in this more globe-trotting sequel. [MTV Movies]


The Middleman:

The Middleman, the new superhero show from Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Lost), features a wholesome, milk-drinking gunslinger, The Middleman, fighting crime and "goofy CGI monsters." Wendy, his sidekick, is also his office temp. And Grillo-Marxuach mentions several times the show is light and fun. And fun. [Spoiler TV]



Here are some spoilers for the pilot of Fringe, J.J. Abrams' not-really-X-Files show, which honestly I think are all stuff we've posted before. But just in case, here they are. [Spoiler Geeks]



I was wrong when I said there would be no more Lost spoilers for a while. First of all, there's reassurance that Jin totally survived that freighter explosion, without a scratch. He was in the hold, while Michael was up on deck. And in case you missed it, Claire will be absent during season five, but will be back in full force for season six. And that was totally the real, corporeal Ben in the funeral parlor at the end of the episode — he's probably been off the island since 2005, operating in the "real world." [E! Online again]



With Lex, Lana and Kara gone, who's going to scowl at Clark on Smallville next season? Turns out Green Arrow will be around a lot. Like, in almost every episode. [E! Online]


Doctor Who:

Still wondering about the little girl in last Saturday's episode of time-travel adventure show Doctor Who? Apparently she transforms into something in this Saturday's episode, and it involves something being stuck to the actress with glue, with makeup that needs to be activated with rubbing alcohol. [Planet Gallifrey]


Oh and here's today's crazy Doctor Who rumor: the TARDIS control room gets totally trashed, and the Doctor rebuilds it... as a retro steampunk control room. Sort of like the 1996 TV movie version, or the wooden version from 1977, only with more brass cogs and big levers. [Doctor Who Forum]


Just a random observation: Martha Jones will most likely not be a regular character in season three of Torchwood after all, since actor Freema Agyeman just signed on to star in the remake of Terry Nation's post-apocalyptic show The Survivors. [Den Of Geek]


Stargate: Atlantis:

This is the year we pursue romance on Stargate: Atlantis, producers tell TV Guide. (With newly regular actor Jewel Staite? Pls??) As the season begins, pregnant Teyla is held hostage by Michael, a vengeful Wraith, while the rest of the cast is buried under rubble. And as we've mentioned, Woolsey (Robert Picardo) arrives to take charge, and at some point a galactic coalition holds Atlantis accountable for its supposed crimes. [Spoiler TV]


Spectacular Spider-Man:

Which villain does Spider-Man face in this Saturday's Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon? Here's a clue: