First Image of Actual Moon Bombing Impact

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Like Mark said, the much-anticipated Moon bombing fireworks have been a major letdown. The good news is that it happened: NASA has released the actual money shot, showing the impact flash. Just don't expect a Ron Jeremy G22-sized bang:

In the gallery you can also see the infrared sensor view of the tiny flash. According to NASA, the mission was a success, but I'm still a little big suspicious that nobody was able to catch the 50-mile plume of gas and debris on video. Was everyone looking in the wrong direction? We will see what results this brings in the coming days. [NASA]

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50 years after we first landed on the moon and this is all NASA can come up with? Where are my Moon bases NASA? My permanent habitations in space? NASA has failed to make any real progression in space ever since Voyager. They should stop being the world's elementary school science lab and work more on the technology needed to colonize the stars.

NASA needs to fix itself up, or risk being disbanded in favor of a far more competent and aggressive organization.