GamaGo's Record-Shaped Placemats: Yay or Nay?

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There's nothing fancy or sophisticated about GamaGo's dinner placemats fashioned in the likeness of a vinyl record. And it's hard to argue that they're not a little bit kitschy, but they just have a certain charm that makes the music nerd in me smile. But what say you? Awesome or terrible? [Gama-Go via Apartment Therapy]


Tacky. Even though they are not made of real records, they encourage their destruction to make more crap.

I love music and I play records, and still buy them.. There are a few disturbing trends I'd like to see go away.

1. Turning perfectly good records into bowls by melting them a little. Nearly every arts/crafts fair has one of these vendors now. Stop destroying records. I get mad in the way a librarian might get mad if books were destroyed because you could just get them on kindle now.

2. Hanging records on walls. It doesn't make your cafe cool. It shows that you don't care enough about the medium to preserve it.

3. Cutting out the centers/labels for coasters. See #1

4. People who think I would like things made out of destroyed records because I like to actually listen to them. :/