Has Walking Dead Found Its Next Major Villain? Plus Plenty Of TV Clips!

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Tommy Wirkola won't be directing Hansel and Gretel 2 after all. Amy Acker talks the Machine's plan on Person of Interest. A sneak peek gives us the first real look at American Horror Story: Freak Show. And Ben Affleck reveals the main influence on Batman v. Superman. Spoilers now!


Top image: American Horror Story: Freak Show

Batman v. Superman

Ben Affleck spoke about the influence of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns on Batman v. Superman. He told MTV:

I do think Zack was heavily influenced by ['Dark Knight Returns']. Everyone's influenced by that. It's the seminal work. I don't think there's any [Batman movies] that have been made without drawing from that book because it's so good."

... I think if you're smart, you steal from the best.

See the video at the link. [MTV]

Shooting will be heading to Chicago in early November. They'll be in downtown for four to five days and then spending a week and a half in surrounding areas. Chicago will be standing in for Metropolis — not Gotham, as it did in The Dark Knight Rises. [Fox Chicago]

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters 2

Tommy Wirkola recently said that the script for the sequel is complete. But now he's telling Fangoria that he won't be directing it:

I've just decided to not direct HANSEL & GRETEL 2.

... I have been lately attached to a few more things, it's just a matter of time and priorities. I did DEAD SNOW 1, then HANSEL & GRETEL 1, and then DEAD SNOW 2. I want to do something a little bit different now and not just do sequels. I did write the script and I hope to be involved in it. But yeah, I won't be directing it."


Beauty and the Beast

Sources have told Entertainment Weekly that Stephen Chbosky (Perks of Being a Wallflower) has been tapped to write the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast for Disney. The film's got a director in Bill Condon and a first draft from Evan Spiliotopoulos (Hercules). [Entertainment Weekly]


Dracula Untold

Here's a featurette on Dracula's wife, Mirena. [via Coming Soon]


Movietickets.com appear to be selling tickets for November 4th showings of the film in IMAX theaters in Los Angeles and one in San Jose, CA. That's a Tuesday, which isn't at all a usual release date. Some reports say the film will open three days early in IMAX across the country. [First Showing]


Person of Interest

Amy Acker says that, while she can't comment on whether the Machine does still have a plan, she can say that Root still believes that there's one:

I don't know what all I am allowed to say, but… my character is still trusting that She must have one, because that's kind of the only way to go on, if there is a master plan. So I feel like at the start of this year it is my job to make sure that everyone continues to believe in Her, that She is there to protect us. There's got to be a plan.


She also gave a short description of October 7th's episode, "Wingman":

A "mysterious errand" sounds about right. The main story has Fusco going undercover [as a ladies' man], so he's getting this sort of makeover. At the same time, [Root and Finch] are acquiring things that will help in the new "Batcave." We're sort of getting the team ready for what's to come.


[TV Line]

Here's the press release for episode 4.05, "Prophets":


Jason Ritter Guest Stars as Pollster Simon Lee

"Prophets" – Finch is suspicious when a gifted political pollster's number comes up at the same time that his typically ironclad predictions go wrong, and believes that the two events are linked. Meanwhile, Reese is sidelined by a direct order from Captain Moreno, on PERSON OF INTEREST, Tuesday, Oct. 21 (10:01-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Jason Ritter guest stars as pollster Simon Lee.

CHEAT TWEET: A pollster w a gift 4 numbers can't predict his own number coming up! @JasonRitter guest stars #PersonOfInterest 10/21 10:01pm http://bit.ly/Zp5skk


Jim Caviezel (John Reese)

Michael Emerson (Harold Finch)

Kevin Chapman (Lionel Fusco)

Sarah Shahi (Sameen Shaw)

Amy Acker (Root)


John Nolan (Greer)

Brett Cullen (Ingram)

Cara Buono (Martine)


Wrenn Schmidt (Iris)

Kevin Kilner (Nick Dawson)

Jason Ritter (Simon Lee)

Michael Brian French (Governor Murray)

Ned Van Zandt (Kevin Hatch)

Caris Vujcec (Michelle Perez)

Anthony Arkin (Mike Fisher)

David Beach (Douglas Rogers)

Eric Gravez (Eddie)

Jasmin Walker (Hotel Receptionist)

Oriana Oppice (Woman With List)

Kevin Prowse (Cop)

Eileen Faxas (Newscast Host)

WRITTEN BY: Lucas O'Connor

DIRECTED BY: Kenneth Fink



Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars) has landed a guest-starring role on Rob Thomas' new series as Carson McCone. McCone is described as "a charming, uncomplicated golden boy and pro snowboarder who is paid handsomely to put his face on things" and as "cocky, living large and currently having an affair with a marketing executive who works for the company that endorses him." He's going to be desperate not to lose anything. [Entertainment Weekly]


The Walking Dead

There's apparently a casting call out for two more characters. It's unclear if these are characters joining the main show or the new spinoff:

[DONNA] 50s - 60s. A formidable, much respected and influential journalist that displays integrity, strength, and occasionally wiseass humor. She's a leader, a mother, and someone who reads people very well....RECURRING, ACTOR MUST NOT BE CONTRACTED TO ANOTHER PILOT / SERIES. WE CANNOT CONSIDER ANYONE WHO IS IN SECOND POSITION.

[SAMANTHA] Female, early to late 30s. Attractive, strong, smart, charming and articulate, she also has a vulnerable side. She's a mother with a bohemian spirit, and a talented artist... RECURRING, ACTORS MUST NOT BE CONTRACTED TO ANOTHER PILOT / SERIES. WE CANNOT CONSIDER ANYONE WHO IS IN SECOND POSITION.


There was also a conference call in which Kevin Durand said that he's been approached to play the crucial role of the villain, Negan. [SpoilerTV]

Word from E! is that Carol is "awesome" in the premiere. [E!]

The Vampire Diaries

EP Caroline Dries explained the role that Colin Ferguson (Eureka) will play on the show:

"He came about because we wanted to show Matt thriving in Mystic Falls without supernaturals," EP Caroline Dries previewed of Ferguson's character, Tripp. "We wanted to give him a father figure, coach-type of guy, so that's where Tripp come out of." Of course, this is The Vampire Diaries, so Tripp will have his secrets, but he'll "ultimately become an interesting, layered, dynamic character that's not necessarily good guy or bad guy."




Robin Lord Taylor's Oswald Cobblepot is going to make a "big, grand entrance" back in Gotham. And it will be sooner than you might expect. [E!]


Here's a promo for episode 1.03, "The Balloonman." [via Coming Soon]

Here are two featurettes. [via Comic Book Movie]


The series is casting a character called Claire Novak, "a 17-year-old tough, angry teenager described as "punk-rock-pretty.'" As is traditional, she has a complicated past: Bouncing between foster homes after the death of her father and the (supernatural?) disappearance of her mother. [E!]


Here's a clip from the season 10 premiere:


Here's a short sneak peek at episode 3.01. [via SpoilerTV]

Doctor Who

And go here for more photos from the episode "Kill the Moon". [Blogtor Who]

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The Originals

Go here for images from episode 2.03, "Every Mother's Son." [K Site TV]

Head to the link for a sneak peek at the season 2 premiere, "Rebirth." [The CW]

The Flash

Here's a sneak peek at the premiere, which looks like a longer version of Barry's accident from Arrow. [via SpoilerTV]

The Legend of Korra

At the link you can see the opening sequence of Book Four. [IGN]


Here's a promo for episode 2.02, "Echoes." [via SpoilerTV]

Head here for photos from that episode and here for photos from episode 2.03, "Multiple." Here's the synopsis for episode four, "Old Scars":

Episode 2.04 - Old Scars

Margaret convinces Lucille to host a dinner to celebrate Jacob's return, but unexpected guests strain relations in the Langston family to the breaking point. Meanwhile, Bellamy continues to research the history of the mysterious bones, and Rachael receives unsettling news about her baby, on "Resurrection," SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19 (9:00-10:01 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"Resurrection" stars Omar Epps as J. Martin Bellamy, Frances Fisher as Lucille Langston, Matt Craven as Fred Langston, Devin Kelley as Maggie Langston, Mark Hildreth as Pastor Tom Hale, Samaire Armstrong as Elaine Richards, Landon Gimenez as Jacob and Kurtwood Smith as Henry Langston.

Guest cast includes Michelle Fairley as Margaret Langston, Kathleen Munroe as Rachael Braidwood, April Billingsley as Barbara Langston, Lori Beth Sikes as Janine Hale, Glenn Fleshler as Mikey Enders, Faye Foley as young Margaret and Naomi Lavette as Tina.

"Old Scars" was written by Pat Charles & Nathaniel Halpern and directed by John Scott.



The Strain

Here are photos from the season finale, "The Master." [SpoilerTV]

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American Horror Story

Here's a teaser for Freak Show, with some real footage this time. [Buzzfeed]

And here's a new poster. [SpoilerTV]

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Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Diana Biller.




Oh, please PLEASE let Kevin Durand get that part.

He is absolutely killing it on The Strain right now. The show itself is so-so but he is doing SUCH a great job. He would really be able to do Negan right. He has the perfect mix of dark humor, and menacing barely suppressed rage. God, he would be perfect...