How Earth Rotates In the Vastness of Space

Here's a reminder: We're not the center of the Universe. As species, as members of this planet, this solar system or even the Milky Way galaxy. We are just a speck twisting in interstellar dust.

Which is not bad at all, mind you. It's quite an extraordinary event that, as Ann Druyan said about her late husband, we have crossed paths in this fraction of a slice of existence. And we got to listen to the 9th Symphony or the Rolling Stones, and watch Casablanca and read Calvin and Hobbes no less. But as Carl Sagan once reminded us in Pale Blue Dot, the extraordinary event that life is should not be turned into the petty conceit that is anthropocentrism.


And that's enough philosophy to last me through the rest of the week, thank you very much. Let's keep enjoying the twisting. By the pool.

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