How will Amazing Spider-Man 2 keep from overloading on villains?

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Chris Hemsworth confirms Avengers 2's filming schedule and sings the script's praises. Lauren Cohen previews the rest of Walking Dead's season. Check out a set video from The Flash, and learn more about Alfonso Cuaron's Believe. Spoilers now!


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Marc Webb is not worried that this film is suffering from too many villains, saying at SXSW:

It's about writing. We're aware of those [past] movies and the complaints people had. The main villain is Electro. Every other villain emerges around that. We were careful to make sure the stories entertained. You had to make sure to create obstacles that were difficult to overcome. We wanted to make the physical and emotional obstacles difficult. Rhino is in it for four minutes so it's a legitimate comparison, but when you see the movie, I'm confident.

He also talked about using more CGI in the sequel than in the first film:

In the first movie I was a little too reserved with the CGI, quite frankly, because I didn't want it to look too weird or awkward. There was a moment deep in the production process where a giant lizard smashes through a wall and I was like, 'This is not grounded.' And I made a decision that in the next movie I would embrace the spectacle and not be beholden to smallness. Not to reject the emotional stuff but I wanted it to be big and express and command that feeling you had as a kid reading the comics—that color and that bravado. I think in the second movie we've really maintained the grounded, emotional texture and combined it with spectacle.

Fingers crossed that "more" doesn't mean "used as a crutch." [First Showing]

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Speaking at Wizard World Sacramento, Chris Hemsworth confirmed that the majority of filming will take place over four months in London. He also had this to say about the script:

Everything in Avengers is ramped up though. It kind of blew me away reading it. I don't know how Joss does it, but everyone has just gone up another notch and the whole thing is bigger and more insane and crazy. Yeah, he's a genius.


Watch the panel below. [Coming Soon]

The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohen explained why everyone is headed to Terminus and why they're willing to trust it:

We should proceed with caution, but we don't have another plan right now, so we have to follow those train tracks. Sasha is a very good voice of reason, but we don't have time for reason because we need to find the rest of our group. These last few episodes have been very claustrophobic with fog for Maggie, Sasha and Bob, and then Daryl and Beth were trapped in the trunk of a car. This group has been so blinded, and now we have this rope to hang on to with the train tracks. It might be a bad idea, but we have no other option.


She also talked about how Beth's abduction will affect things going forward:

That's going to be a really good point of suspicion for a while; there's not going to be a quick resolve to that situation. It gets very scary. This whole situation that Daryl has found himself in gets really scary. We should be pretty worried about everyone.


More at the link. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here's a promo and a sneak peek at episode 4.14 "The Grove," which is described thusly: "After establishing a new shelter, the group considers things returning to the way they used to be." [Coming Soon]

Once Upon a Time

Jennifer Morrison said that we'll be seeing the Wicked Witch in the recreated Storybrooke, but that none of them know that it's her. When asked about the curse that brings everyone back to Storybrooke, Morrison said:

I don't think I can totally get into it. It's, like, re-created through a different circumstance — but it was destroyed when we think it was destroyed. So technically, if you were going to follow the chronology of time, there would be a space when Storybrooke didn't exist. Does that make sense? It'll make more sense when you see why it comes back.

From your first episode back, it seems that the Wicked Witch has some sort of beef with Regina. Kind of. It's interesting, because part of what makes it so intense is that it is not clear what the Wicked Witch wants, initially. And it is not clear who she's after. It takes a long time to assess that. So everyone feels like they're fair game in terms of her possibly hurting you. It's not like the first half of the season where we knew Pan was after Henry. People are being picked off in a way that is so random that everyone feels like they have targets on their backs. So it's definitely eerie and intense.


She also confirmed that Henry's not getting a quick resolution to his memory loss like Emma did on Sunday:

It is complicated, and it takes quite awhile. Mostly because Emma doesn't want him to get his memories back. She works really hard to protect him from having to give up all these happy memories that were implanted in him. But eventually, we reach a crossroads where it's sort of inevitable.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Here's a promo for episode 3.13, "Witch Hunt." [via SpoilerTV]

The 100

In The 100, a group of 100 juvenile delinquents are sent down from the Ark, the space station where 4,000 humans fled to after a nuclear apocalypse on Earth, back to the planet to see if it is inhabitable. Eliza Taylor spoke about her character, Clarke, and her history on the Ark:

Clarke was brought up in, I suppose, one of the more well‑to‑do sectors of the Ark because her mom is the chief of medicine. Her dad was the head of mechanics. So I think she was raised in a really safe and happy environment. And then when her father discovered that there was a flaw in the system and, you know, things were about to get crazy, her whole world was turned upside down. And her father was executed, and she was thrown into prison. And I think there's a lot of tension between her and her mother because she kind of took the side of the Ark, in her eyes anyway. So I think when she gets to Earth, there's that tension with her mother, but there's also that responsibility to do the right thing and make sure that we tell the Ark that the ground is inhabitable and that they're not all going to die.


She also described Clarke's place among the 100:

I think throughout the series, she relates to a number of different kids on the ground. I think she's an extremely compassionate person and very empathic. And she really just wants to take care of everyone. So I think her connection is to everyone because she feels responsible for them and she wants to keep them safe.


[TV Equals]


Nick Tarabay may play CIA agent and Black Ops specialist Niko Zepeda, who is one of the people trying to get to Bo, the super-powered child, but Tarabay doesn't view Zepeda as a villain:

I never judge my characters. I see Zepeda as very dedicated to his job and the work. If there is a job to be done, he will do whatever it takes to make sure it is done. Right or wrong, it isn't of any relevance to him. You know how in the military you don't question things, you just follow orders? For him, he is part of this program that has this great cause. The program's goal is to create peace, and whether someone is executing this for their own reasons, that is irrelevant to him. He is a very black and white kind of guy. There is no gray area.


He also spoke about the True Believers, the group Bo is with:

Without giving too much away, they are protecting her. They want to make sure she is alright, but having said that, I'll put it out there that on the show, no matter who you think the good guy or the bad guy is, that doesn't mean they don't make mistakes. Their history or the past comes to haunt them.


[TV Equals]


Jesse Luken says that his character, Eric, will slowly see his dislike of the Atrians get chipped away. He also talked about Eric and Grayson's friendship:

Eric and Grayson are best friends, so I'd say they both influence each other's thoughts. That's actually a theme that comes up a lot throughout the season is Eric and Grayson sort of struggling with their own fears and prejudices and trying to help the other one see their own point of view. Without giving out too much, it's definitely interesting.


[Buddy TV]

The Flash

Here's video from the set showing a car crash being filmed. [SpoilerTV]

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Here's the synopsis for episode 1.12, "To Catch a Thief":

In flashback, the Knave hunts Alice per Cora's directive and he finds himself striking a deal to get his heart back, while in present day Wonderland, Alice and the Knave's friendship is tested as he does Jafar's bidding and steals from her. Meanwhile, the Jabberwocky attempts to free herself from Jafar's control and Jafar is confronted by his former partner, on "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland," THURSDAY, MARCH 27 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" stars Sophie Lowe as Alice, Michael Socha as Knave of Hearts, Peter Gadiot as Cyrus, Emma Rigby as The Red Queen with Naveen Andrews as Jafar and John Lithgow as the voice of the White Rabbit.

"To Catch a Thief" guest stars include Peta Sergeant as Jabberwocky, Zuleikha Robinson as Amara, Raza Jaffrey as Taj and Brian George as Old Prisoner.

"To Catch a Thief" was written by A. Nussdorf and J. Schwartz and directed by Billy Gierhart.




Here's a promo for episode 1.02, "Unearth." [via SpoilerTV]

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Has it been said that the Flash TV series is actually going to be called "The Flash"? I think the most disappointing aspect of Arrow is that it wasn't called "Green Arrow" which shows how good the show is when that's the biggest gripe. I just think calling it Green Arrow would have probably sold DC some more books for people who are fans of the show but not necessarily the comic although the two are quite a bit different.