Human evolution explained in the cutest two-minute animation

In a perfect world—or at least in the perfect world I have in my mind—kids would learn about chemistry, history, or human evolution theory through claymation short films as cute and clever as this one. Actually, adults would learn like this too. Everything could use more claymation.

The short film, Ape, was directed by Anita Yen and Eustace Ng—both students at the Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada.


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As a scientist, and as an educator, I would never show this video to explain evolution. Yes, it’s cute, but it’s wrong. And it’s wrong in the same ways that evolution deniers have been wrong about the science for over 100 years.

At a time in human history when those who understand the science (or at least how science works) and those who don’t are at political, economic and moral odds, it’s important to get it right, and get it right early.