If This Cheeseburger Were Sold in a Can, I'd Buy a Pallet of Them

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Look, the original Cheeseburger in a Can was super gross. But if it was possible to put the epic Shack Stack in a can? I would eat it every single day.

Unfamiliar with the Shack Stack? It's only sold in NYC at the famous Shake Shack, otherwise known as the best burger joint in the country. The normal Shackburger is the epitome of fast-food-style burgers: absolute burger perfection. But for those seeking a more gluttonous option, there's the Shack Stack.


The Shack Stack takes the Shackburger, then adds a second patty. In between these two burger patties, it slaps a cheese-stuffed, deep-fried portobello mushroom cap. Oh sweet mother of god, is it good. Because Shake Shack isn't a big chain, there's no nutritional info available for this thing, which is probably for the best. I can't imagine it's less than 1800 calories. But man, is it worth it.


So yeah, I guess maybe in the end it's good that they don't sell these in cans. Because if eating one didn't require waiting in the ever-present line at Shake Shack, I might end up eating one every day. And I would die within six months. But I'd die happy. [Shake Shack photos via A Hamburger Today]

Oh, and for comparison's sake, here's a picture of the cheeseburger in a can:


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