Is There a More Awesome Combination Than Pizza and Animated Gifs? Doubt It

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If you've ever had one of those days when you're blindly poking around the internet, wondering what value the world wide web really has to offer, this is your answer. Visionary Andrew Salomone has created a tutorial on making animated gifs and pizza at the same time.

Yeah, let that concept sink in for a while, it could take a while to truly comprehend how amazing this idea really is. The device that makes it all possible is a contraption called the 'Pizzoetrope' which is essentially a piece of vinyl on a turntable augmented with pieces of foam to support a hot pizza pan. But knowing how it's done doesn't diminish this accomplishment, nor its artistic value.


What do you think our descendants are going to look back on and be impressed with most? Crappy drawings in a cave? A painting of Mona Lisa that's barely smiling? Or green pepper dolphins diving into a sea of cheese and tomato sauce? We think you know the answer to that question. [Andrew Salomone via Make]