Japan Is a Sunkissed Paradise In This 4K Drone Footage

Summer’s zooming by. Wish you could teleport from your cubicle to a sandbar in turquoise waters? Well, there’s no Hyperloop yet—but thankfully, drone-shot 4K movies of Japanese paradise can make you feel like you’re there.

YouTube user egawauemon is known for beautiful, hi-def videos of scenes in Japan, and this latest one was shot by a drone in islands in Japan’s Kagoshima prefecture on the country’s southern tip.


Drones are giving cinematographers unprecedented new filming opportunities—there’s even a drone film festival in New York. Here at Gizmodo, we’ve extensively covered drones swooping through majestic landscapes and capturing unbelievable moments.

Want more drone eye candy? Take this video of a DJI Phantom filming volcanic eruption:

Or this one, capturing the spooky majesty of a fog-hugged Dutch church, the tallest in the Netherlands:

A pod of swimming dolphins:


The Nubian pyramids:

Cambodia’s Angkor Wat:

And never-ending flower fields:

There’s even a website, Travel by Drone, that lets users upload jaw-dropping drone movies all over the world. Just make sure you don’t have any crazy neighbors who could put a BB on your UAV.

[YouTube via RocketNews24]

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That first one was too nice I actually got a sense of revulsion, I was reminded of the type ofvideo they show you at the start of a plane ride to exotic locales like this and I felt like I was about to be trapped in a tin can for 24 hours.

Still, all these videos are gorgeous. And that church spire coming out of the fog, did anyone else want to see Mario fly past it and into circles of gold coins?