John McCain Finally Gets His Own iPhone App

Sure, Obama may have had his official iPhone app out a while ago, allowing supporters to easily make calls on his behalf and do all sorts of other things, but don't think there isn't a John McCain app out there as well. Sure, it might not be official, and it might only work on jailbroken iPhones, but I can honestly say that I'd use the Unofficial John McCain iPhone App way more than the Official Barack Obama iPhone App. [Unofficial John McCain iPhone App via Justin Purnell]



Yay, another political flamewar. Time to get a bag of the ye olde microwave popcorn and enjoy the ignorance. Here, I'll start this off, Obama is a socialist. He wants to take your money and use it for social programs. Like Social Security, financial aid, long term health care for the insane, and PBS.

Old people don't need social security, because canned cat food is cheap and has all the nourishment they need.

Poor kids shouldn't have Pell Grants, let them work at Taco Bell like their parents did, and their parent's parents did before them.

Insane people shouldn't be locked up and monitored, they should be free. Free to live near schools and play the touching game with little kids.

Honestly, PBS has sucked since Mr. Rogers died and 3-2-1 Contact was cancelled. "Whenever there's trouble, they'll make sure it doubles, the GOP doesn't care."