Jones Soda Answers that Burning Holiday Question: What Do Sugar Plums Taste Like?

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Jones Soda is usually known for their limited edition runs of holiday flavored sodas like tofurkey and gravy, or green bean casserole. But this year they've toned things down with more appealing flavors like Sugar Plum and Ginger Bread.

While molasses cookie-flavored soda pop isn't at the top of my Christmas wish list, Candy Cane certainly sounds refreshing, and after years of singing carols I've always wondered what sugar plums and pear trees taste like. Thankfully, I have to wonder no more:

1) Ginger Bread: made from only the smiley faced heads of 100% organic, free range, gluten free gingerbread people. 2 Sugar Plum: fresh squeezed a la the aforementioned fruit of legend, and plucked from the only known remaining Sugar Plum tree in existence, nestled deep in the Foja Mountains of Indonesia. 3) Candy Cane: a drink so crisp and winter fresh, you'll have no choice but to exclaim "By the beard of Santa!" in a crowded library, and finally 4) Pear Tree: a nectar so refreshing Zeus himself was known to sip it from his silver goblet, whilst wearing headband antlers.


A four pack that gets you one of each flavor is available directly from Jones Soda for eight bucks, but don't put it off like the rest of your holiday shopping since they're only available for a limited time. [Jones Soda via The Green Head]