Black Adam | The Justice Society Theme - Lorne Balfe | WaterTower

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Mondo has released a new poster for the upcoming Weird Al biopic at Roku.


One Piece Film: Red

Additionally, Coming Soon has a pair of motion posters for the new One Piece movie.


The Origin

Early homo sapiens battle the supernatural in a clip from The Origin, premiering this week at the BFI London Film Festival.

“The Origin”: Exclusive Clip

The Lair

A Royal Air Force pilot in Afghanistan uncovers a bunker of man-made monsters in the trailer for Neil Marshall’s latest, The Lair.

THE LAIR | Official Trailer


In a similar vein, a group of WWI soldiers find themselves trapped underground with an “ungodly presence” in the trailer for Bunker, set to premiere this week at the Buffalo International Film Festival.

‘Bunker’ Trailer and Poster Bring the True Hell of War [Exclusive]

Run, Sweetheart, Run

Clark Gregg sets up a single mother (Ella Balinska) with a supernatural, fourth-wall-breaking serial killer (Pilou Asbæk) in the trailer for Run, Sweetheart, Run.

Run Sweetheart Run - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Blood Relatives

A 115-year-old Yiddish vampire meets his estranged daughter in the trailer for Blood Relatives, available November 22 on Shudder.

Blood Relatives - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Original

Oni: Thunder God’s Tale

Creatures from Japanese mythology team up against the ogrish Oni in the trailer for Netflix’s new stop-motion animated feature, Thunder God’s Tale.

ONI: Thunder God’s Tale | Official Trailer | Netflix

I’m Totally Fine

A shape-shifting extraterrestrial (Natalie Morales) helps Jillian Bell get her groove back in the trailer for I’m Totally Fine, on demand November 4.

I’m Totally Fine - Official Trailer

Koala Man

Spoiler TV also has word that Miranda Otto, Hugo Weaving, Jemaine Clement, Jarrad Wright, and Rachel House have joined the cast of the animated series Koala Man. Notably, Otto is said to play “a sweet young koala cub with whom Koala Man shares a deep and mysterious connection” while Weaving has been cast as King Emudeus, “the wise and noble monarch of Australia’s emus.”


Fantasy Island

According to the latest issue of Production Weekly, a third season of Fox’s Fantasy Island reboot begins filming this January.


American Horror Story

A teaser for the latest season of American Horror Story promises macabre leather fetishists enjoying themselves in New York City.

American Horror Story Season 11 “Something’s Coming” Teaser (HD)


Alfred must rescue Thomas Wayne from the Tower of London in the trailer for next week’s episode of Pennyworth.

Pennyworth 3x04 Promo


Courtney’s peers are concerned about her new relationship with Icicle, Jr. in the trailer for next week’s episode of Stargirl.

DC’s Stargirl 3x06 Promo “The Betrayal” (HD) Brec Bassinger Superhero series

Kung Fu

Elsewhere, Pei-Ling is concerned she may not be in control of her actions in the trailer for next week’s episode of Kung-Fu.

Kung Fu 3x02 Promo “Risk” (HD) The CW martial arts series

Reginald the Vampire

Reginald claims his first victim in the trailer for next week’s episode, “The Hunger.”

Reginald The Vampire 1x02 Promo “The Hunger” (HD)


Finally, Gina Gershon quotes All About Eve while Chucky riffs on A Clockwork Orange in a new “This season on...” trailer for season two.

Chucky 2x02 Promo “The Sinners Are Much More Fun” (HD)

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