Laurence Fishburne's Feral Predator Role Revealed

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When Laurence Fishburne joins a group of criminals and villains, forced to do battle with the mighty Predators, what character will he play? We had our suspicions, but now a new interview reveals a whole new twist.

In an interview with Gigazine Louis Ozawa Changchien describes his character, Hanzo: "He's not the boss in the yakuza family, but obviously not a no-one. He's probably a right-hand man sort of guy, very much feared and very skilled. Excellent gun man and also competent with a sword."

His [Hanzo's] outfit is a grey three-piece suit, slinging a Beretta on his shoulder. His other weapon is a Japanese sword he finds in the Hunting Camp. It was left there by a 15th century samurai, who was probably killed there.


Changchien revealed that there's only one week left of shooting for Nimrod Antal's Predators and goes into great detail about filming locations in the Hawaiian forest and in Texas. But it sounds like most of the film takes place in the Predators' "Hunting Camp" in the jungle.

As for Fishburne's character, he's not with the original group of Earthling transports that were sent there for the Predators to hunt for sport. Fishburne's character has already been living there for 10 years. And Changchien described Fishburne's character:

It's a really interesting role, quite different from Morpheus. A bit shady, crazy, surviving on his own, kind of a ratty character. I didn't know anything about his role, and we all went to see the rehearsal. It was quite a surprise... He must have seen the aforementioned jungle set, and there are also indoor sets of the residence of Fishburne's character, so I guess he's seen it too. His character managed to survive 10 years on the alien's planet living in a cave.


Early accounts of the script revealed that Fishburne gets picked up along the way by the rest of the group. We can't wait to see what he looks like, we're imagining a blend of Rufio and Rousseau from Lost.