Lovely, Pristine Beaches off the Shores of Titan's Great Methane Lake

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Here you can see the most recent satellite photo of Ontariou Lacus, or Lake Ontario, located next to a lovely beach on Titan. It's the first image that confirms without a doubt that Saturn's moon Titan contains lakes filled with liquid. Due to the angle of the camera, the image is wedge-shaped, but you can still quite clearly see that the right edge of the lake is a beach, lapped by gentle waves of methane. See below for more methane action.

This image was taken of the whole lake in 2005, and it's a bit blurry but now you have a sense of the lake's shape. That beach is part of the bulbous right-hand side of the lake. Perfect place for my summer home. When it gets too hot on Earth during those climate changed summers, you'll want to join me on icy Titan to enjoy whiskey-spiked coffee and the fresh aroma of methane rising off those silvery waters. Top image: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona; bottom image - NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute. Giant Lake Confirmed on Saturn's Moon Titan [via]