Note 7 Superfan Tells Samsung: 'Take It From My Cold Dead Hands'

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Sometimes love conquers all, obliterating your rationality into tiny shards of melted nothingness. That probably explains why some Note 7 superfans are holding onto their devices, even after Samsung issued a recall after many, many reports of the phone—and replacement devices—exploding.

CNET reports that hours after Samsung announced the recall, some loyal fans dared the company to take about their explosive devices, er I mean, smartphones. “Come take it from my cold dead hands,” Twitter user @SexualJumanji taunted. (Wouldn’t his hands be warm, technically? At least initially?)


CNET interviewed a Note 7 superfan who is refusing to part ways with his phone, EMS worker Robinson Suarez from Queens, New York. He is notably using a replacement Note 7, which has exploded multiple times.


“All my friends, they make fun of me, they throw memes at me on Facebook,” Suarez told CNET. “It is what it is, I’m not worried.”

Another superfan, Joseph Jugos, told CNET that he’s “fallen in love with the curved, almost bezzle-less...screen of the 7. I simply can not downgrade from that.”


Here’s one happy story— The Twitter user who taunted Samsung to pry his Galaxy Note 7 from his “cold dead hands” will be getting a replacement. He told Gizmodo that the phone in the picture is actually his mother’s—who is a teacher—and he persuaded her to turn it in it after he told her Samsung was “pretty much making people give them back.” According to @SexualJumanji, his mother is excited at the prospect of getting “any phone she wants.”

Suarez, Jugos: Follow in the footsteps of @SexualJumanji’s mom and exchange your dang phones!


Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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Sexual Jumanji. Really.