Obama Considers Zany Climate Engineering Gadgets to Fight 'The Warming'

Illustration for article titled Obama Considers Zany Climate Engineering Gadgets to Fight 'The Warming'

Obama is apparently considering using a machine that would suck up smog and shoot it into the upper atmosphere—reflecting the sun's rays—as a way to fight global warming. I'm not joking.


As you can see in my highly detailed diagram, Obama wants to use a climate degenerating replic—I don't have any idea what im talking about. The truth, according to the AP, is that the smog shooter was called an "extreme last resort," but Obama is looking at radical measures to ensure we don't all broil at 500 degrees for 35-40 minutes. CO2-absorbing artificial trees were also listed as a possible way to fight The Warming.

While the above ideas may not be the most realistic, it is interesting that we're looking to climate engineering (or geoengineering) to directly control the larger climate trends. Maybe we'll someday control the weather...or just say screw it and move into domes. [AP via BreitBart]



Artificial CO2-sucking trees.

And apart from taking away valuable CO2 from real trees, how will this help? They will likely not be anywhere near complex enough to produce oxygen in the process, and it won't negate the fact that water vapor remains one of the most significant greenhouse gases. Real trees work, and will always work. There will never be a man-made product that can outdo life forms that have evolved and adapted over millions of years. Ever.