In The Owl House's Penultimate Special, There's No Weird Place Like Home

Fight the witch hunter and also save the realm from a chaotic god child. Simple enough, right?

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Promo poster for The Owl House: For the Future.
Image: Disney Animation

Last we left off with The Owl House, Luz and the other Boiling Isles kids were making the most of being stranded in the Human Realm after the end of season two. That first 45-minute special, “Thanks to Them,” ended with the kids and Luz’s mom Camilla taking a portal back to the Boiling Isles to finally stop Emperor Belos and save everyone else on the Isles.

Disney provided io9 with a preview of the second special, titled “For the Future,” which picks up right where the previous one left off. The kids and Camila have safely arrived in the Isles, but things look... well, they don’t look quite right. The Isles have always been a weird to place to live, but in the months since the kids have been gone, they’ve gotten a massive makeover courtesy of the Collector, that childlike demigod who popped up towards the very end of the second season.

The Owl House - For the Future | Exclusive Sneak Peek 1 | @disneychannel

While some Boiling Isles citizens have managed to form a resistance effort against the Collector, others haven’t been so lucky. A short teaser for “Future” released by Disney last week shows that the chaotic kid’s been happily turning anyone they catch fighting back against them into puppet minions. (Poor Hooty!) The only one who’s exempt from the Collector’s wrath at the moment is King, who’s basically operating as the kid’s “best friend”/hostage.


Things are looking pretty bleak at the moment for everyone in the Isles, not helped by the knowledge that Belos is still out there. While he’s likely laying low to avoid getting blasted into paste by the Collector a second time, it’ll only be a matter of time before he makes himself known again and it falls to Luz and friends to stop him for good.

The Owl House Season 3 Episode 2 Premiere Special | For the Future | Trailer | @disneychannel

The Owl House’s “For the Future” special will premiere on Saturday night, January 21, on Disney Channel.


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