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Even Peter Jackson Got Spooked by That Terrifying Talk to Me Hand

The Oscar winner has added his words of praise to the breakout horror movie of the summer.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A scene from Talk to Me
Image: A24

Peter Jackson became an A-list powerhouse thanks to The Lord of the Rings’ blockbuster and Oscar-winning reign, but he’s also the guy whose first feature was low-budget splatter movie Bad Taste, and whose Hollywood debut was supernatural tale The Frighteners. All this is to say, the guy’s a bona fide horror nerd, and he’s joined the chorus of fellow horror nerds praising Talk to Me.

The feature debut of brothers Danny and Michael Philippou, possession chiller Talk to Me has caused a sensation since its release last month, earning critical kudos and box-office dollars, and cementing itself as a franchise with the recent news that a sequel’s officially on the way. Newshub (via Variety), an outlet in his native New Zealand, quoted Jackson as having this to say about the new movie: “In a statement to Ahi, one of the film’s distributors across Aotearoa and Australia, Sir Peter labeled it ‘relentlessly scary and disturbing—in the best possible way.’ He then added,Talk to Me isn’t just good—it’s very, very good. The best, most intense horror movie I’ve enjoyed in years.”


Not mentioned in those quotes: the fact that Miranda Otto, who played fan-favorite Éowyn in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Return of the King, has a crucial role in Talk to Me as well, as the delightfully sharp-tongued mother of two of the main teen characters. You have to think Jackson was pleased to see—20 years after wrapping his trilogy—one of its stars stealing her scenes in 2023's breakout horror indie.

Talk to Me is now in theaters.

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