Wait, was that Dann and Alara...on a date?

Aside from The Orville’s endearing blend of sci-fi (which it takes rather seriously, especially when it comes to things like production design and special effects) and humor (the writing on the big themes isn’t always perfect, but the asides, jokes, and throwaway moments between the characters are often completely perfect), viewers can also look forward to some top-notch guest stars. Aside from Lowe’s turn as the seductive Derulio, season one’s biggest names were probably Victor Garber (who recurs as Ed’s boss), as well as Liam Neeson (who popped up in a recorded message as a noble colony-ship captain) and Charlize Theron, who appeared to be having the time of her life playing a devious (and distractingly good-looking) time-traveler.


The Orville returns Sunday, December 30 to Fox; after that, the show moves to its new time period, with season two’s second episode airing Thursday, January 3.

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