Illustration for article titled Rumor: Apples Tablet Will Be Shared By Family Members and Recognize Your Face Via Webcam!?

WSJ says Apple's been researching e-textbooks, as well as newspapers and magazines. Welcome to 2009 when we broke this story with 6 sources. But to credit, there's a lot more. And it's interesting.


Apple's been talking to CBS and Disney to get a monthly TV subscription deal going, and working with EA to demo how well games would work on the tablet. The Journal also reinforces the Bing on iPhone rumor we heard yesterday, making it seem like Apple's really taking an anti-Google stance.

Another bit we didn't know is that the tablet is supposedly shared among various people in the house, complete with sticky notes that you leave to other people. And, with the built-in webcam (which Gruber denies) it'll recognize you automatically. If all these rumors pan out, the tablet is kind of an all-in-one media consumption device, slurping down basically every sort of mass media humans have made since the printing press. [WSJ]


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