Saitek's Cyborg PC Controller Has Precision Snipe Mode

Although not officially announced at E3, Saitek's latest Cyborg Rumble gamepad for the PC takes the best of the Xbox 360 controller and enhances it with some FPS-friendly features. First off, there's a precision control toggle, which when activated, turns down the sensitivity on the sticks so you can go in for a headshot easier.

If this sounds familiar, that's because the Splitfish FragFX controller does the same thing, except for the PS3. There's also the Xbox 360-like design of the Cyborg, which is perfect for all the ports of Xbox 360 games heading to Games for Windows this year. Also included in the setup is a Cyborg headset, which has 5.1 surround sound audio (three drivers in each ear) and a mic for jive talking. No pricing on either one, but they should be released later this year. [IGN]


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