She-Hulk Went to a Wedding and Introduced a Brand New Marvel 'Hero'

"Just Jen," episode 6 of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, is now on Disney+

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jen in a blue dress
She-Hulk arriving at a wedding.
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Anyone who has been to a wedding totally understood why the sixth episode of She-Hulk was so on the money. Last week, things ended with She-Hulk getting her very own super suit and a tease of an exciting cameo in Daredevil. So just when you thought the show was about to get all “Marvel” on us, a wedding invite arrives to screw up all of those plans.

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A direct address to camera by Jen (Tatiana Maslany) really sets the tone and explains that yes, this episode is a self-contained wedding episode and yes, it’s coming at a very inconvenient time in the season. But weddings tend to do that. And with that acknowledgment, episode six, “Just Jen,” continues sans Daredevil and sans that super suit, which is frustrating but fair. Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) even complains about wanting to see the super suit, just like us.


Jen has been invited to be a bridesmaid for an old high school friend named Lulu (Patti Harrison), and she shows up as She-Hulk. Everyone is impressed, with the exception of Lulu who doesn’t want She-Hulk to take the attention away from her on her big day. Which is totally fair. But later you get the sense that Lulu doesn’t really want Jen there either as she starts to treat her like crap, asking her to clean up for the wait staff that quit, and shames her a bit for not having a boyfriend. Jen just wants to brag about how great her life finally is now—amazing lawyer, full-fledged superhero, etc.—but Lulu isn’t having it.

titania in pink
A devilish move by Titania.
Screenshot: Disney+/Marvel Studios

Things then get even worse when Titania (Jameela Jamil) shows up. Why is Titania at the random wedding of a friend of Jen’s from high school? Jen thinks it’s to mess with her which Titania says isn’t the case, but the dead stare at her says otherwise. “Not everything is about you, Jennifer,” a lying Titania says, and this rivalry is about to reach a boiling point at the worst possible time. On the plus side, a very handsome man named Josh Miller (Trevor Salter) strikes up a conversation with Jen. Could our She-Hulk find love after all?

Before that can happen, though, the episode’s B storyline introduces a brand new hero to the MCU. Well, maybe not a “hero” exactly, but certainly someone with powers. Mr. Immortal (David Pasquesi, recognizable to Disney fans as the Majordomo on The Book of Boba Fett) has come into the law firm to secure superhero representation and Mallory Book (Renee Elise Goldsberry) is on the case, picking up some slack while Jen is at the wedding. Mallory and Nikki listen as Mr. Immortal, who is literally immortal, explains that he’s in a nasty divorce because he faked his own death to get out of a relationship. The two women do not like or agree with this tactic and berate him so much about it he jumps out the window to get out of the situation.

three people at a table
Mr. Immortal and his lawyer.
Screenshot: Disney+/Marvel Studios

Later, intercut with the wedding stuff, we see Mr. Immortal and his lawyers showing down with multiple wives (and a husband) he’s had over the years, all who have the same complaint. Mallory explains to him that he’s lucky they aren’t filing criminal charges against him and that the best bet is just to settle. So Nikki basically just gives every ex-spouse exactly what they want, much to the chagrin of Mr. Immortal. The whole storyline was funny and maybe a little tangential but it did lead to a very important discovery. More on that in a second.


It’s Lulu’s wedding day and Jen is still getting shit from everyone—she’s asked to do some ironing and then gets told she’ll be walking down the aisle with a tiny (albeit very cute) dog named Jonathan. Plus it’s a cash bar which is just the ultimate insult at a wedding. Jen makes her own fun though, spending many dollars for many drinks and rekindling a little of that flirting with Josh. However, mid-flirting Jen realizes she’s drunk, goes outside to vomit, and gets sucker punched by Titania. Of course Jen was right and the Instagram superhero was there just mess with her. After beating up “Just Jen” a bit, Titania complains that she wants She-Hulk to emerge. Which she does, and straight up wipes the floor with Titania, busting up her face for the whole internet to see. Even Lulu isn’t mad to see She-Hulk at her wedding and it seems like, for Jen Walters, all might finally be going well.

jen in a pink dress grabbing josh
Drunk Jen and Josh. Sparks maybe?
Screenshot: Disney+/Marvel Studios

Not so fast. Celebrating their victory for Mr. Immortal, Mallory and Nikki happen upon an evil website called Intelligencia which is basically a 4chan type clone where there’s a whole anti She-Hulk page. Most of it is your typical hateful bullshit, but there are also threads like “How Do We Kill She-Hulk?” Nikki’s instinct is to immediately call Jen but Mallory warns her against it. So, the second she leaves, Nikki ignores that and calls Jen. Jen can’t answer though. She’s sharing some late night French fries with Josh—which would be a happy ending, if not for the final scene of some kind of creepy lab where people are improving needles to try and once again attack, and maybe kill, She-Hulk.

“Just Jen” was quite the episode. It both forwarded Jen’s acceptance and embrace of her character, while also diving a bit more into how She-Hulk is being perceived in the world. Her friends love her, her old high school classmates love her, Titania is jealous of her, and people are trying to kill her. With us now in the back half of the season, we’d imagine everything from here will be about She-Hulk defeating these evil people who are after her, and maybe even revealing who is behind it all. All of which, you have to assume, will include not just Daredevil but that super suit too.

the how do we kill she hulk thread on a website
This is messed up
Screenshot: Disney+/Marvel Studios

Random Thoughts

  • Am I the only one who has been trained to think things will go bad for Jen? So, in the case of Josh, I just kept waiting for him to make fun of her or be an asshole or something. Will something finally go right for her? Here’s hoping.
  • It was weird that we never saw Lulu’s groom. The implication, probably, is that whoever he is is wholly insignificant to Lulu’s big day and not showing him just makes her seem that much more self-centered, but the omission just kept making me think he was gonna appear and it would be someone like Wong or Donny Blaze.
  • Do we think that’s the end for Titania? Clearly she can’t hold her own with Jen and she’s been defeated so many times. We’d guess she comes back for one big mega brawl, but either way, Jameela Jamil has been awesome.
  • I feel like the big MCU take away from this episode is the existence of Mr. Immortal. Who is this guy? Where did he come from? Exactly how long has he been around? Does he know the Eternals? Probably we’ll never know anything about him beyond this episode, but he’s still a fascinating mystery.
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She-Hulk Episode 6 Review

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