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Simroid the Retarded Robot's Sensitive Mouth Trains Dentists, Perverts

Say hello to Simroid, a new robot from Japan designed to help train dentists. Forgive me for being a little off-color here, but this thing looks like it's better suited to give BJs, but it's looking a little too downsy to sell well in any of Japan's numerous sex shops. In any case, it's loaded up with sensitive teeth so it can say "that hurts" if it gets stabbed in the gums or something. It also has a gag reflex so it can react if an "instrument" is stuck down its throat. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to step away from the keyboard before I write jokes about this thing that'll get me fired. Must… practice… restraint… [IT Media via Pink Tentacle]


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uh, I speak the Japanese, so I will loosely translate the first few lines...

He is basically giving ball size commands for tea-bag evaluation.

"hogi no mas" is "caucasian white man balls"

"nagi no mas" is "black guy balls"

"somo no mas" is "Inuit balls during Febuary" (notice the smaller mouth size, because of the obvious frozen balls of the eskimos)

I got as far as "sweaty columbian balls after riding a steed in heat for 12 minutes" at which point I had to go to the bathroom. I think its amazing what they are doing in Japan to further tea-bagging research. Its sad to think that over 14 men a year loose a testicle to improper tea-bag implementation. Hopefully science will be able to further their knowledge of tea-bagology and men (as well as women) around the world would be able to live happier and more fulfilling lives without loosing any testicles.