Star Trek iPhone Is the Definitive iPhone (If You Are Picard or Jason Chen)

Reader Andrew Aitken saw the article on the iPhone prototype's user interface and sent us this: A video detailing a complete—and absolutely cool—Star Trek: The Next Generation makeover for Apple's cellphone.


I saw your call for a total ST:TNG makeover of the iPhone, and wanted to show you (and the world) mine! It is not completely designed by me, others started the work and I just continued it, or combined several existing models.

I then ported it to winterboard and added my own mods here and there, like the LCARS calculator and SBSettings, as well as sounds and an animated background to make the whole thing look cooler! I even ported the Enterprise's computer font—Swiss911, used for the Library Computer Access/Retrieval System's interface—to the iPhone.

Click to viewIt's not finished yet, my imagination and photoshop skills have really been put to the test, if this gets out to a wider audience, maybe some ideas would come in... here it is, so far.


[Thanks Andrew]

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Hell, if Professor Moriarty can figure it out, so can I, dammit.