Illustration for article titled The Air300 Runner Trains LaDainian Tomlinson to Explode Off the Line Like LaDainian Tomlinson

The Jets' star running back is an animal in the training room—renowned for workouts that terrify even the most hardened masochist. Among his favored devices of self-inflicted agony? The Air300 Runner.


The Air300 Runner looks like a cross between an elliptical machine and a calf-raise sled. It's designed specifically to train the lower body for power and acceleration. That results in better speed off the line of scrimmage, more explosive runs through the hole and the ability to pull away from pursuers in the open field (not to mention jukes fast enough to shake linebackers clean out of their socks).

Users lean forward at a 45-degree angle against the front shoulder pads and place their feet in the pedal stirrups. These are connected to swing arms that use externally compressed air as resistance. This allows the machine to precisely match the user's exertion and provide the perfect amount of drag—anywhere from 10 to 345 pounds worth. The compressed air also prevents the need to have 300+ pounds of weight stacks slinging through the air, always a good thing. The display measures the user's power per rep (in watts) as well as the single most powerful rep of the set. It also includes a power test to displays a user's optimal resistance.


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The Keiser Air Runner in Action:

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