The Great NERF Office War

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It's Friday, the day when you should reward yourself with at least one internet video at work with the sound turned up. Screw your judgmental co-workers. The only problem is, what video should you choose? Without careful consideration of the media at hand, you could be Rickrolled, or even worse, think you are watching the behind-the-scenes of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue only to waste it on some guy eating potato chips for 10 minutes.


Fret not, friends. We have your Friday video after the jump. It's a NERF office war of epic proportions. And it's the best (SFW) thing we've seen online in a while.

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Told you. [via ohgizmo]



I remember when I was stationed out in the southern cubicle. The boys n' I were raiding the secretary's candy corns, and that's when Charlie got the drop on us. I still remember the screams. The misshapen creases. The scattered documents. The broken pencil tips. For 3 days we were taken to a POW camp set up in Human Resources. We subsisted on Nutri-Grain bars and Apple&Eve box juices. 2 of us had to take sick leave on a week-long sugar crash.

Good times.