The Suicide Squad's Best Action Figure Is Gonna Cost Ya

Give him a hand, folks.
Gif: Warner Bros.

If there’s one action figure from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad we want, it’s King Shark, the break-out star of the DC Entertainment trailers. The adorably dumb, monstrously violent anthropomorphic Selachimorph has captured our hearts...and now he’s going to capture our wallets.


McFarlane Toys has revealed the first wave of The Suicide Squad’s action figures for the Warner Bros. film, and unsurprisingly, they’re quite good-looking! There’s Idris Elba’s Bloodsport, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, and John Cena’s Peacemaker. David Dastmalchian’s morose Polka-Dot Man is a pleasant surprise, but it’s King Shark who is... well, the king of this line. Unfortunately, he’s also the Build-a-Figure for this wave (remember poor Falcon?), which means you’re going to need to buy all four of the other figures if you want King Shark sitting on your shelf. Based on McFarlane’s other DC Comics and animated figures, the various members of The Suicide Squad will be at minimum $19.99 each, making King Shark effectively $80 at least. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were more, however—but honestly, as a longtime action figure addict, I can tell you this is actually kind of a deal?

McFarlane Toys's first The Suicide Squad figures include Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, King Shark, and more.
King Shark comes with “raising his arm to make a dumb comment” action!
Image: McFarlane Toys

Usually, Hasbro’s Marvel Legends waves will force you to buy six-to-eight figures (also at $20) to collect the parts to make their Build-a-Figure, and some of those characters can be so high-tier that they’re hard to get a hold of, while a few are so low-tier you almost certainly don’t want them. So a wave of merely four figures should significantly easier to collect, and at least they’re all from the movie too, so King Shark will have some friends to be posed with.

The figures are scheduled to become available this October or November, a few months after The Suicide Squad movie debuts on August 6. However, most online toy and collectible shops will likely open pre-orders long before that, so if you want King Shark—and I know you do—start keeping an eye out for a place to pre-order them now.

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Killa K

I’m definitely picking up that Peacekeeper. I’d like King Shark, but I’ll probably wait until someone puts all the pieces up on eBay. Polka Dot Man looks cool, but I only have so much shelf space and disposable income. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the reveal of Idris Elba’s suit and seeing him in action figure form confirms that I’m not really crazy about the design. It’s not very memorable or distinctive.

My biggest disappointment is Harley. I was really curious to see what the McFarlane toy would look like after the reveal of the S.H. Figuarts version and I’m disappointed they made a figure of her in a dress. I much prefer the other version of her in a suit that actually evokes her animated suit.

Still, people love Harley and Todd loves dipping back into wells, so I hope he makes a figure of this version too.


McFarlane Toys has revealed the first wave of The Suicide Squad’s action figures for the Warner Bros. film

Are links in GMG articles randomly generated (heaven forbid they’re ever fixed for Kinja)? The McFarlane Toys link takes you to a Toy Aisle post with a McFarlane figure at the top which is relevant, if a little random. The WB link takes you to a post about HBO Max offering a $10/month tier with ads. This is hilarious to me.