This 8K YouTube Video Is Too Amazing For Your Computer

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You can forget 60 frame-per-second 4K video. This footage, recently uploaded to YouTube, is available to view in astonishing 8K. The only problem: It’s probably too big for you to watch.


The short clip, called Ghost Towns, is really a series of slow shots of an abanonded mining settlement. It was apparently shot on RED Epic Dragon 6K cameras, with footage upscaled or stitched together to hit the 8K mark. While Google tells 9to5Google that the option to upload 8K video was added earlier this year, this video was only uploaded on June 7th.

It’s perhaps no suprise people aren’t in a rush to upload video at this kind of resolution. While new standards are in place to handle 8K vide0—and there may even be an 8K iMac on the way—nobody really owns the hardware to handle it. If, for whatever ever reason, you do, though, you’ll be pleased to hear that the video will just about run in Chrome and Safari. [Neumannfilms (YouTube) via 9to5Google via Engadget]



If only they could use Pied Pipers middle-out compression it would be a breeze... =)