This Folding Bike Helmet Is an Urban Cyclist's Dream Come True

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Cycling in cities is a great idea: it's quick, cheap, and you even get some exercise. But the number of people that don't wear a helmet is frankly terrifying. Maybe this folding helmet will help change that.


Designed by French studio Agency 360 in 2010, but going into production this year, this folding helmet is called Overade. According to Patrick Jouffret, the designer, who worked alongside engineer Philippe Arrouart, it offers as much protection as a standard helmet but folds up when not in use. We've seen folding helmets before, but they've looked pretty crappy — this one actually looks nice.

OK, it doesn't fold up to be tiny, but it's small enough to not get in the way. It'll definitely fit in a bag easily. I normally clip the chin strap of my helmet around the strap of my bag when I'm off my bike, but that's a real pain in the ass, and this could be a solution.

But where this helmet really comes into its own is in cities with bike sharing schemes. When you're not certain you'll be able to get a bike, and when there's zero possibility of being able to lock your helmet to a bike when you leave it, there's currently little motivation for people to take a helmet with them. That's dangerous, and hopefully something like this will help solve the problem. [Agency 360 via Design Boom]


Wow, a lot of people fall on their head in the USA...

They have been pushing the helmets here in Belgium pretty hard as well. Raised in a time when these helmets didn't excist I was/still am sceptical: I have fallen a lot with my bike, what I have hurt is my hands, my arms and my legs. Never my head. I checked with friends. None of them ever had an injury at the head. I also have a hard time imagining how on hell you land on your head falling from a bike, I mean you fall sideways. How do you get your head to hit the road before your arms/legs do? What do you guys do, dive?

Getting hit by a car, yes then I can see some pretty big head trauma but that's the cars fault. And when hit you're going to be badly hurt, helmet or not.

I am sure the helemts do a great job protecting you head but in my experience, that's not the part that needs the most protecting.