Turn Your Seasonal Outfits Into a Comfy Place To Crash

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Why waste closet space storing seasonal outfits you're not going to wear until it gets cold or warm again when you can repurpose them as the most comfortable place to sit? The upper half of this soft storage chair from Mimish is your standard beanbag that will conform and smoosh to however you awkwardly want to sit on it. But below that in its base you'll find a giant cavernous space that's large enough for even storing winter coats and the like.

Since you're not sitting directly on your clothing it's not getting unnecessary wear and tear, and you don't even have to go the clothing option if you don't want. It could just as easily hide toys, extra towels, or even double as a snack bar in your living room. Depending on the color/type of fabric finish you choose the Storage Beanbag ranges in price from $149 to $169, and if you've ever tried plunking down on a Rubbermaid storage container to watch a movie, you'll realize why these are worth every penny.


[Mimish via Fancy]