Voz Sports Multy LYNK Communications Helmet for Extreme Sports

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The Voz Sports Multy LYNK is a multiple-impact proof helmet packed with radio and Bluetooth communications gear. It's also submersion-proof, so it's suitable for a whole bunch of action sports where you need to protect your head while keeping in touch with pals at all times. In fact, this thing is more loaded with tricks than Batman's belt.


The Voz Sports Multy LYNK also has music playback using the Bluetooth connection and built-in stereo speakers with removable ear covers. Communication with your teammates can happen via two-way Family Radio Service radio with voice control and 14 channels (plus 38 privacy codes) or via Bluetooth, with mobile headset profile. A noise cancellation system sorts out background sound pollution from its directional mike, and if everyone you're talking to is really spread out then it has an extended-range antenna.

Add in a NOAA weather receiver, customizable rear fin and head-fit, 30-minute submersion-proofing in 1 meter of water, ABS shell, cheap-to-run AA battery operation, and multiple sports safety ratings and you've got a tech-loaded skull protector. Simply shouting to your friends while you're snowboarding down a mountain or kayaking downriver has never seemed so passé. On sale in April for $300. [Voz Sports via Besportier]

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@SgtBeavis: Agreed, it would become quite a hilarity in the lift line. I'd love to see someone sporting this.