Watch A Dog Battle Two Wolves

The dog lives, but this video is still a graphic and potentially disturbing look inside what a wolf attack really looks like.

Klara is a four-year old Swedish elk hound owned by Tommy Berglund. He was on a hunting trip in Värmland County, Sweden when she wandered off.


“My impression is that she was out on a regular search excursion,” Tommy told Swedish Hunting. He didn’t realize she’d been in a fight at all until he found her laying down in the forest and discovered large bite marks all over her body. He threw Klara onto his shoulders and carried her 700 meters out to the road; fortunately there was a vet just 25 minutes away who was able to stitch her up. She’s now recovering at home. Tommy doubts she’ll ever be able to join him hunting again, but is just happy to have his first dog home safe.

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As a Dog Lover, I’m also a Wolf lover. To me it looks like she started it, she made the first approach. I’m surpised at how unferocious the first Wolf looks, no growling or snarling, and the second Wolf appears to be just standing by. It’s not clear that both ever attacked her at the same time. It also seems to me that they were not trying to kill her and could have if they wanted to. I think they were trying to teach her a lesson, to stay out of their territory.