Watching People Skydive in Slow Motion Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

I always imagined skydiving to be a frantic, chaotic experience. Okay, maybe you get 15 seconds of "whoa this looks cool" before panic sets in as you start zipping down the air and plummeting to earth—don't freak out, oh MY GOD PULL THE CORD, PULL THE EFFING CORD ALREADY YOU JOKESTER. This slow motion video, taken with the Melbourne Skydive Centre, is nothing like that.

It makes skydiving look peaceful, like you're in graceful harmony with the sky. People on top of clouds, people look like ballerinas, people look like they can actually fly—it's just mesmerizing. Watch it. [Betty Wants In via Hypebeast]

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Skydiving is definitely not frantic or chaotic. I was much more scared going up in the plane than I was coming down. It is a beautiful experience.

I jumped near Quebec from about 13,000 feet and it was so smooth. The wind is a rush, but the goggles protect your eyes, and you have remarkable control using your hands.

Granted I had a guy strapped to my back making sure I didn't do anything stupid, but you get a full 60 seconds of gorgeous free fall followed by a couple of minutes of fantastic time in the parachute. The parachute is so much fun if the guide lets you steer, particularly if you do really sharp turns.

PS - If your guide is really cool he will do a backflip out of the plane and the first thing you see is sky and plane instead of ground. Disorienting, but awesome.