Watching Wacky Pizzas Get Baked Totally Melts My Mind

I don’t really think pizza needs any more toppings beyond some sauce (preferably marinara) and some cheese (preferably mozzarella) but if you’re one of those weirdos who enjoys silly things on their pizza like cauliflower, grapes, potatoes, and shrimp, you’re gonna love this video where ten wacky pizzas get baked right in front of you. Actually, even if you don’t like complicated pizzas, you’ll still enjoy watching the video because it feels like you’re tripping out as they morph into each other.


I mean, just look at the names of these pizzas:

The Shrimpy Lemon Pizza
The Parma Ham, Grapes and Thyme Pizza
The Potato, Rosemary and Mascarpone Pizza
The Colorful Tomatoes Pizza
The Cauliflower, Figs and Blue Cheese Pizza
The Blood Sausage and Pears Pizza
The 3 types of Chilis and Salami Pizza
The Beetroot and Asparagus Pizza
The Mushrooms and Rosemary Pizza

The Ham and Blackberry Pizza

Yeah, the beetroot pizza is pink. But whatever. Go crazy. The video was made by Food, People, Places. They know how to have fun.



Less confused by the pizza toppings and more intrigued by... is that a counter-top pizza cooker?