What Are The Chances of an Asteroid Demolishing Your Home Tomorrow?

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In case you've been been blissfully unaware, in just 24 hours, a 143,000 ton, obscenely expensive asteroid is going to buzz peacefully past Earth, giving us a nice little show and a new appreciation for our lives all at once. Or so they'll have us believe. But even if NASA's "scientists" are right about this one, there are still 500 meteorites that do strike our beloved space marble every year. So the question is not whether we should live our lives in fear (we should) but how much fear (a lot), based on our chances of being squished at any second.


Thankfully, Movoto Blog has come up with a formula to calculate that very thing.

They took the total square feet of the earth (5.49 quadrillion) and divided it by the average house size (2,500 sq. ft.). So while your chances of being struck by a meteorite on any given day may be 1 in 2,196,267,379,587, in one whole year, you've got a 1 in 135,145,920 chance of being struck. That's a lot less numbers!


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And sure, that may seem like a pretty small chance overall, but at least in a year, it's not totally unthinkable that your home might meet its end at the hands of a projectile from above. After all, remember Murphy's Law. And stay vigilant, friends. [Movoto Blog]

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", obscenely expensive asteroid" - Yea, 195 billion is a nice chunk of change... but its not that crazy considering the U.S gov't is 16 trillion in debt.. http://www.usdebtclock.org/ So yea, America is so broke even money falling from the sky can't help it.