What Comes First: Captain Marvel, Or An Avengers/Guardians Crossover?

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Simon Kinberg explains why Josh Trank is perfect for Star Wars. Get a complete rundown on the Fantastic Four movie. A release date for The Martian could mean delays for Prometheus 2. Felicity Smoak's mother is coming to Arrow and Gotham adds another villain to its cast. Spoilers now!


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Woo! Let's start speculating already about what's going to come next for Guardians of the Galaxy. First up, stoking the flame, is Vin Diesel telling Yahoo!:

Marvel will have a lot of options after this movie and one of those options will be integrating teams.

This is not the first time we've been teased about a possible crossover with the Avengers, which does seem to be the end result of putting Thanos into everything. [Yahoo!]

Speaking of, director James Gunn discussed casting Josh Brolin in the part of Thanos:

Thanos needed to be this imposing character. He needed to have weight to him. So it was about finding the right person to fulfill that role, and we actually auditioned a lot of people for Thanos. That role really is a big commitment, because as everyone has guessed, Thanos is a big part of the Marvel universe going forward, and his role is likely to expand greatly. It was a big challenge to cast.

[Vulture via Comic Book Movie]

In another vein, Marvel's Kevin Feige answered the question about whether a female-led film (like Captain Marvel or a Black Widow solo film) is in the studio's future:

I very much believe that it's unfair to say, "People don't want to see movies with female heroes," then list five movies that were not very good — therefore, people didn't go to the movies because they weren't good movies, versus [because] they were female leads. And they don't mention "Hunger Games," "Frozen," "Divergent." You can go back to "Kill Bill" or "Aliens." These are all female-led movies. It can certainly be done. I hope we do it sooner rather than later. But we find ourselves in the very strange position of managing more franchises than most people have — which is a very, very good thing and we don't take for granted, but is a challenging thing. You may notice from those release dates, we have three for 2017. And that's because just the timing worked on what was sort of gearing up. But it does mean you have to put one franchise on hold for three or four years in order to introduce a new one? I don't know. Those are the kinds of chess matches we're playing right now.


[Comic Book Resources]

Star Wars

Simon Kinberg explained how he was involved in getting Josh Trank to direct one of the standalone films:

I spoke very highly of Josh to the Lucasfilm guys. They were interested in him because he, like Rian [Johnson, director of Episode VIII] and like Gareth [Edwards, director of a 2016 spin-off], is very much that next generation filmmaker. He comes from a background of making a big movie without a big budget. Which I think is also, not that these movies…they'll have huge budgets, but the sort of the tradition that George [Lucas] started was somebody that came from making American Graffiti to making a huge science fiction movie. And so there was some of that sort of vibe I know Lucasfilm likes about these new filmmakers.



Fantastic Four

The Daily Mirror has a guide to everything we know about the movie so far. It's not much, but we do hear that Doombots are rumored to be involved. They also pull from an interview with Simon Kinberg, who is involved in both this film and the X-Men franchise, talking about whether those two films may cross over. While he cautions that they live in different universes on film so far, "I would love to see the X-Men and Fantastic Four team up if only because I'm a fan and certainly it's something we've thought about and talked about." [The Daily Mirror]


The Martian

Bad news for Prometheus 2: Ridley Scott's next film is going to have to be The Martian, if it's going to make the just-announced release date of November 25th, 2015. Fox had previously staked out a March 6, 2016 release date for a Scott-helmed film, but that date's been given to Tim Burton's Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Which leaves the Prometheus sequel in limbo, for now at least. [First Showing]


Dead Island

The zombie video game is once again slated to be adapted to film, in a partnership between studio ccupant Entertainment and publisher Deep Silver. [Deadline]


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Here are all the promos and featurettes Paramount just released. My god, so many:

Batman v. Superman

At the link, you can see footage a WXYZ helicopter shot of some filming taking place. [WXYZ via Coming Soon]



Everyone who wants to know more about Felicity Smoak, it looks like you're getting your wish: Charlotte Ross (NYPD Blue) will play her mother in an upcoming episode. [TV Guide]



Added to the cast is David Zayas (Dexter) as mobster Sal Maroni. [Deadline]

Game of Thrones

Asked about the theory that Jon Snow isn't actually Ned Stark's bastard, actor Kit Harrington gave a joke answer, while George R.R. Martin responded, "I'm still writing the books, so if they reveal too much, I kill their character." See the video at the link. [TV Guide]


Doctor Who

At the link, more from Entertainment Weekly's cover story. This time, Peter Capaldi talks his new costume. [Entertainment Weekly]


Falling Skies

Here are interviews with Moon Bloodgood and Scarlett Byrne and one with Drew Roy and Sarah Carter. [Buddy TV]


Jeremy Carver says they've discussed talking more about the Mark of Cain by brining Abel on the show:

That's a great idea, and [it] has been bandied about in the writers room. You know, it's funny. I teased some characters…that have been spoken of but not seen [on the show], and from what I've seen—I don't check it out too much—[the guesses] have been incorrect.


As for the 200th episode, Carver said that many fan-favorite characters will return "in one form or another" and added:

Will 'Carry on My Wayward Son' be involved? How do I answer this? I can say, sure. There will be 'Carry On My Wayward Son' in one form or another. There it is. There's your spoiler.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Once Upon a Time

We will get a flashback explaining how Elsa became a prisoner of Rumplestiltskin. [TV Guide]


Teen Wolf

In tonight's "Weaponized," there's a new assassin called The Chemist and, according to Jeff Davis, there "will also include a crucial moment between Stiles and Malia that may threaten to destroy their relationship." [TV Guide]


Witches of East End

Last season, we saw a brief flashback to a past life of Freya's, where she was with Killian (or his doppelganger). We're going to get more information on the Freya/Killian past life in an upcoming episode. [TV Guide]


Under the Dome

Here are some cast interviews. [Buddy TV]

Sleepy Hollow

Here's a clip Fox posted to promote season 2:


Here's a new promo. [via SpoilerTV]

The Librarians

Season 1 of the series based on the Noah Wyle-starring film series has wrapped filming. [Facebook via SpoilerTV]

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The Walking Dead

Here are a few promotional photos. [SpoilerTV]

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Here's a promo for the season one finale, "Beware Those Closest to You." [via SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Ryan Plummer