Hamilton appeared on Fox News back in 2015 but it doesn’t seem he’s shown up on the disinformation network since.


Hamilton recently started a new podcast called the Hamilton Review, which has included guests like Cara Natterson, author of a book on raising boys, and Kate Julian, a senior editor at the Atlantic. (Gizmodo reached out to Robert C. Hamilton for comment.)

Our advice to the group if it wants to keep peddling bullshit about covid-19? Maybe leave the lizard person conspiracy theorists at home. The baby whisperer is much more sympathetic, even if he’s wrong about the pandemic.


Update, July 30, 2020, 8:25 a.m.: On second thought, Dr. Hamilton may not be so normal after all. A tipster sent us this letter-to-the editor in the Los Angeles Times from March 4, 1993:

The schizophrenia in the gay movement was clearly demonstrated by this article. Homosexuals want to come out of the closet, but yet they seem to strangely not want people to really see what they do in the closet. Homosexuals stage gay pride parades in major cities to demonstrate and celebrate their lifestyle, yet they cringe at any serious evaluation of these events.

The fact remains most Americans are completely unaware of the essence of the homosexual world. When they see homosexual behavior in the raw, most are repulsed.


Santa Monica

What a bigoted asshole.