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Batman and Spawn Cross Over for the First Time in Decades

Two bros, brooding on a rooftop at night with their long capes.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Brett Booth's variant cover to DC Comics' Batman/Spawn.
Image: Brett Booth/DC Comics

It’s a common joke that Warner Bros. will put Batman in basically anything, be it Fortnite, shows for toddlers, or podcasts. Crossing over and getting into other mediums or other people’s business part of the Dark Knight’s whole Thing, and one of the most popular crossovers of the bunch was a pair of 1994 one-shots— Spawn/Batman from Frank Miller and Spawn creator Todd MacFarlane, and Batman/Spawn: War Devils by Alan Grant, Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, and Klaus Janson. And since crossovers are all the rage these days, the two are coming back together to do it all again.

BATMAN/SPAWN | Comic Trailer | DC

Batman/Spawn was announced back iin the summer, but with the book’s December release drawing closer, DC’s put out an animated trailer to hype up the one-shot. Written by MacFarlane and drawn by recurring Batman artist Greg Capullo, the story kicks off when the Court of Owls call on Spawn to do what they can’t and finally kill Batman. While it doesn’t appear to be in the same continuity as those previous crossovers, it likely won’t work out in the Owls’ favor regardless.

Spawn himself has been no stranger to crossovers, with the most recent being his appearance in NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat 11, after MacFarlane and NetherRealm previously attempted to get him into prior games. The Image character also briefly showed up in Ready Player One’s film adaptation in 2018, and who can forget when Spawn was a guest character in Soul Calibur II all the way back in 2002? Maybe he’ll show up in Fortnite once his movie actually gets to looking like it’ll see release.

Francesco Mattina's variant cover for Batman/Spawn.
Image: Francesco Mattina/DC Comics

Batman/Spawn will release on December 13. If the trailer has you feeling nostalgic, both Spawn/Batman and War Devils will be reprinted in a single Collected Edition bundle on November 15.


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