Check Out the International Space Station On Your Own Telescope

The International Space Station is undergoing some crazy construction, adding not one but two 115-foot solar panel "wings." Even better, amateur astronomers can check out the progress on their own backyard telescopes.

The ISS will be visible to North American sky-watchers in mid- to late-March, and is so huge that it's as visible as Venus. These solar wings, priced at nearly $300 million, will just about double the ISS's capacity to perform scientific experiments (that is, if they're not too busy with their March Madness brackets), and give enough energy to allow for double the full-time crew members, from three to six. It takes about a full five minutes to slide across the night sky, which is plenty of time to get an amateur telescope all situated. If anyone has a capable setup, we'd love to hear how much detail can be seen. [Space Travel and]


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