Here Is a Map That Shows Every Meteorite That Has Hit Earth Since 2300 BC

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If we somehow get lucky and don't kill ourselves first, we're probably all going to die when a gigantic meteorite slams the crap out of our blue marble. Meteorites hit Earth more than you think! Since 2300 BC, you can see all the meteorites that have pockmarked Earth.

Hell, there might be even more than this! The map, which was created by Javier de la Torre, cofounder of CartoDB, shows the location of the 34,513 recorded points of impact in the past 4000 years. Who knows what kind of space balls are hitting places where people dont' live, or even the ocean! You don't realize how often of an occurrence (relatively, of course) a meteorite hit on Earth is until you see this map.

If the tin foil crowd wants to stay safe, should they move to a place that's already been hit by a meteorite or that's never been hit? Asking for a friend. See the full map here and find out if where you live has been struck. [CartoDB via Guardian UK, Verge]