Lifehacker's Top 10 Instructional Cooking Videos

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Lifehacker rounded up 10 of the best short cooking videos around, ranging from simple instruction (how to slice a mango, chop an onion) to more subtle tips like how to properly sauce pasta (it's different than you think).

That mango video actually saved me a ton of time, since I used to just slice willy-nilly and end up with mismatched pieces and/or a dulled knife from trying to slice through the stone.

This one's great: Mario Batali discusses the sauce-to-pasta ratio, reminding us that the sauce should never get in the way of the natural flavor and texture of the pasta.

And for those who doubt—I loathe Gordon Ramsay's cooking shows, but his scrambled eggs are excellent (even if they take a freaking hour to cook). For seven more, head over to Lifehacker. [Lifehacker]