Jane Foster Is, at Last, Marvel's Avengers' Next Hero

Hopefully, she'll have better flying controls than her co-Thor.

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Jane Foster as The Mighty Thor, wielding her hammer and surrounded by lightning.
Image: Russell Dauterman/Marvel Comics

Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers has had a rocky outing since it first landed back in 2020. Though the single player campaign was well-regarded and its core combat was considered pretty solid, it hasn’t a had a good time being a co-op RPG you want to play again and again. Bringing in a handful of free DLC heroes has helped the game stay relatively fresh, and it still seems like more are on the way, or at least it did two years ago. After Spider-Man came to the game late last year for PlayStation users, it sounds like the next hero is making her thunderous debut fairly soon.

Earlier in the week, a blog post for the game revealed that Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor would be added to the game’s current roster of 10 heroes. Presumably, this has something to do with that movie she’s in coming out in a couple of months. Per the blog, she’ll thankfully be available for all systems, and her move set and abilities will naturally be similar to that of Thor from the base game, but still make her feel different in some key ways that have yet to be revealed. Currently, it’s not clear what else is joining her, such as a new event or location for players to do battle in, but that’s said to be coming in the near future.

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Image: Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix/Marvel

What’s also unclear is what awaits the game after Jane’s joins the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. There were rumors late last year about She-Hulk joining the roster, and Captain Marvel may be in the works as well, since a poster in Kamala Khan’s bedroom confirms she exists in the game’s universe. But as reported by Forbes, replies on the game’s Reddit following the Jane announcement indicate a 2022 roadmap for the game isn’t in the works. Combined with the news earlier in the month that Crystal Dynamics is going back to Tomb Raider, and the game’s future may not be as clear as it was back in 2020. The live service loop has not helped Avengers in the slightest, but like with last year’s single player Guardians of the Galaxy, the game’s surprisingly earnest writing has been its best aspect. Hopefully, Jane has a campaign of her own to really make her feel like a worthy addition to the game’s collection of heroes.

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